Trade Recording Spreadsheets – Share Trading


GST included in price.

Using these invaluable spreadsheets you can record every trade as you take it, and then monitor the trade as it progresses. The spreadsheets will automatically calculate total profits, win/loss ratios, amount of risk on each trade, total portfolio risk, average trade duration and more. It also displays a warning if your risk goes above a pre-set level.
There are two spreadsheets: One for those who use profit targets; and one for those who don’t use profit targets.

Trading is not something you can learn at a weekend seminar.

 It takes many years to hone your skills and that is why I offer a Five Year Mentorship, to ensure a long lasting relationship with each of my mentees. I also offer  One & Two Year Mentorships, to help get traders started, with the ability to upgrade to the Five year program later.    

For those that prefer on-line learning these courses offer you the chance to learn how to trade at your own pace in your own time.

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